Feeding Mini Horses

Feeding Lucy and Bandit, my two Mini horses. The goats name is Two-socks.
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Rebb bottle feeding our baby pygmy goats!

The twins were born 12/30 and this was 1/7. Rebb is learning from the breeder and her daughter how to bottle feed the babies! He’s a pro now!
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Feeding Enki The Orphaned Pygmy Goat .mp4

This baby’s mother died so he is now a bottle baby. (pygmy goats) For sale in 7-8 weeks choose him now he needs a good home .

Feeding time at Pixie Dust Ranch

Feeding time at Pixie Dust Ranch with Buttercup and Daisy the Pygmy goats, Lily the pig, and Drinian the Colorado Mountain dog.
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feeding the pygmy goats at banham zoo

soooo cute!

Pet Pygmy Goats – Care & Feeding

Pygmy goats are generally reared as pets, instead of for meat and milk. They appear to have a better temperament than the larger goats and take a lot less room. …
Pygmy Goats – Google Blog

Baby African Pygmy Goat Bottle Feeding

Our African Pygmy Goat Nikki being bottle fed at the age of 13 days. She is one of our hand reared goats at the park, which is always a joy for us and our visitors!

Brucklay Blaze and Brucklay Bronson born on 16th February 2010 – they are now 2 days old and already starting to play – they are enjoying the heat lamp as the weathers got a wee bit cold, so is mum.
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Bottle Feeding Pygmy Goats

smallBottle feed pygmy goats by purchasing a quality lamb or goat milk replacer, placing a Prichard teat on a disposable bottle and then dispensing milk through an automated dispensing unit or by hand. Keep pygmy goats on bottled milk for 60 days and… Recent Article published on 01/05/2009 by Tom Boyer

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