Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goats are miniature goats. They are extremely intelligent and playful, pygmy goats will get bored without a companion to play with they make fantastic pets and come in a variety of colours ranging from brown, black and red to golden with white markings.

Pygmy goats are very hardy, and adapt to the cold by producing a thick, woolly undercoat. Pygmy goats are one of the few breeds of goat that will breed out of season. They will therefore produce more than one baby goat, or kid, per season. They are hardy, alert, and playful with even temperaments. Pygmy Goats are very sociable and love people and other goats. Since they are herd creatures, they do not like being alone, something to consider before buying pygmy goats.Pygmy Goats If they are to be kept as pets, pygmy goats should also have their horns removed (a procedure called debudding) in order to prevent them from hurting people or other goats.

Pygmy Goats are also notoriously curious and often get their horns stuck in fences or other tight spots. Pygmy GoatsDebudding is safest and least painful when done at an early age. Pygmy Goats love human contact and if handled and kept fit and healthy make wonderful pets for children and adults alike. They are friendly, gentle and very very inquisitive.

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